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This collection is primarily of tunes from the Jews of Spain and the Balkans, traditional and original melodies with rich poetry in Judeo‑Spanish (also known as Ladino).

This album expands on the limited notion of La Serena (the Siren) as a female creature whose voice is intended solely for seduction and destruction. The voice and the music are lush, bold and joyous.

Flory Jagoda

This is Nona Flory.

Studying the Balkan Ladino tradition with Flory Jagoda was one of the major inspirations for this album.

For more information about Flory and her Sephardic music, please visit:

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Album release shows — links to ticket sales coming soon

September 16, 2019 — 7:30pm
Or Shalom Synagogue — London, Ontario

September 19, 2019 — 7:30pm
918 Bathurst — Toronto, Ontario

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