La Serena – Fundraising Campaign Launched!

It is with great excitement that I share with you the launch of the fundraising campaign for La Serena. Now we embark upon expanding the community of people who are part of this project. This is my sixth album and the most intimate to date. I have loved these songs, collecting them like gems […]

Happy New Year 2018

Esta Montaña D’enfrente Music for Warming the Heart We made it! 2018, a new moment, a new breath. Shall we stride in together? Shall we linger a little longer contemplating next steps? Let’s do both, eat it all up, each moment of living, while also learning more about pacing, how to respect the natural flow […]

How to know your are not alone? The Spring Report.

Songs for Spring   I want to give you something, some music to warm and brighten up this moment. The above tune was written by my Nona Flory Jagoda. The video was shot on a cold winter’s day with my pal Joel Schwartz, videographer Mitch Filion of Southern Souls in the home of artist Rochelle Rubenstein. I hope you […]


IV aches in my hand. My mom and I wait. My dad is outside reading his book. Vivian (30+years as a nurse) and her younger counterpart whose name escapes me now attend beautifully. We wait. Andrea calls. Friends send texts of love and well wishes. I remove my clothing and dress for the first time […]

September 2016 News

Shana Tova blessings!

Its here, the New Year with changing light and leaves and honey and apples and, squash soup eaten together around the table.

This music is a gift for you, to accompany you through the last moments of the month of Elul and into the fall and 5777. To dwelling! L’chaim and Shana Tova!

The Present: Preparing for High Holy Days
Looking Forward: More music, meditation, and prayer
Upcoming Dates: San Francisco, Toronto, & the Bahamas
Looking Back: Aviva’s Sabbatical
Saying Goodbye to Jaffa Road

Saying Goodbye to Jaffa Road

In 2002, I went for a lunch date that changed my life. Aubrey Glazer told me that Aaron Lightstone and I should meet. We sat down together and little did I know that together we would create a band that would become my musical home for over a decade. We began making music. I had […]

The Water Is Wide — Spoken Word

Later in March, 2016 Back at work on music, I write my first spoken word poem set to a recording of a water drum.  The idea is inspired by K’naan’s Watershed.  Aaron and I are preparing a new concert on water, healing and ritual for Atlanta’s progressive Mikvah: MaCom. The Atlanta Jewish community is another favourite one of mine to […]


March 1, 2016: I am honoured to be a guest artist at the Jewish and Muslim women’s study group where we are gathering for an eight-week course entitled Milk, Blood and Tears. My session is tears. After the group has studied some texts from both Torah and Koran and had discussion I am invited to […]