Boi Kalah Video

It’s rehearsal, day two. Long days. Playing, praying. The Prayer Project is brewing.

This original melody by Aviva comes to life in a new way in the hands of these fabulous musicians. Boi Kalah – Enter, Sabbath bride, we welcome you.

This is the first of a series of videos documenting the creation of The Prayer Project.

This is just the beginning. Follow it as it grows.

Musicians featured in this video:
Aviva Chernick
Naghmeh Farahmand
Aaron Lightstone
Joel Schwartz
Ernie Tollar

Filmed at Temple Emanu-El, Toronto, in December 2011, by Carlos Gouveia.

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4 Responses to “Boi Kalah Video”

  1. Jenn Burn says:

    Lovely Aviva! I
    miss you


  2. Pamela Janz says:

    Absolutely beautiful Aviva…cant wait to hear more!!! Pamela

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