It is indeed as magnificent as everybody said it would be. I just returned from a week in Brazil where I was playing with Jaffa Road at Kleztival in São Paulo. Great music, delicious food, warm and welcoming folk. We even played to a lovely crowd in the subway station. Thank you to Nicole and Edy and all the fabulous people who run the 10-day festa. Met some great friends including Polina and Merlin Shepherd from London and old friends Frank London and Christian Dawid.

Then, two days in the lushness of Rio with Sundar and Aaron where I swam in the ocean, walked the boulevard of Ipanema and danced to Forro deep into the night. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I found the language to be lyrical and enchanting and the vitality of arts and culture in both cities to be exemplary. Take that, Rob Ford! I’ll will be going back and am happy to recommend this as a destination for a lush and memorable adventure.

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