Hallelujah – Live in the Backyard

Hallelujah. This is my favourite psalm, the final one, #150. Sing gratitude to the Divine here, there, in the backyard, with Carlos and Joel, with guitar, with a chorus of cicadas on the last hot day of September.

It reminds me to ask myself, “what is my hallelujah moment right now?” Doesn’t need to be epic, could be the morning coffee.

We’ve been playing this tune as a six piece.
Now there is this lovely duo version.

Hoping it brings sunlight and warmth your way today.

Aviva Chernick ā€” vocals
Joel Schwartz ā€” electric guitar

Filmed, recorded and edited by Carlos Gouveia.

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4 Responses to “Hallelujah – Live in the Backyard”

  1. So much warmth on this brutally cold winter’s day! Beautiful.

  2. ellieg8 says:

    This is just so lovely to watch and listen…this is my hallelujah on this winter day! thanks to Aviva and Adam for the gift of this song

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