Junos, Apprenticeship, SING! Festival and Ladino and Teaching pages on the way

A really exciting time!!!
Some news.

Preparing outfits and fussy stuff for the trip to Regina tomorrow with Carlos and some of the Jaffa Road gang in order to attend the JUNOS. Pictures and highlights to follow.

IMG_2745I got word from the incomparable Jon Lohman that I was accepted into the Virginia FolkLife Apprenticeship program. This means, I will be given a stipend to help cover travel costs to study with Flory Jagoda in Alexandria, Virginia. The process will take place over six months and will include;  a concert for Masters and Apprentices together in Charlottesville, Virginia on September 15th and a concert with Flory and many of her other devotees(:)) at the Library of Congress in D.C. on September 21st. More on this to come! Virginia Folk Life

May 11th is a date to put in your calendar.  I will be spending the day with, hopefully, some of you and also some of my favourite World Music vocalists in an afternoon of vocal arts. Can’t wait! SING! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival



These will help share a better sense of what I am up to these days. Just adding tracks and finishing up videos. Looking forward to sharing!


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