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“Aviva’s crystalline voice graces the album… Voices and instruments come together beautifully on this record that has a distinctly hymnal vibe.”
Errol Nazareth, CBC Radio 1 Big City Small World

“Her melodies…. transport the listener with a meditative and transcendent character… The relationships of breath/spirit, creativity/divinity,nature/renewal, family and community are explored on many levels in this deeply heartfelt and personal offering.
Dianne Wells, Wholenote magazine

“Le titre s’écrit en lettres minuscules sans doute pour exprimer la proximité ou l’intimité de cette démarche spirituelle empreinte de beaucoup de recueillement. « Lorsque je suis arrivée, tu y étais déjà », une phrase en référence à l’amour divin ou charnel que lance la chanteuse à la voix éthérée, qui signe son premier album solo. Connue comme chanteuse principale du groupe Jaffa Road, elle laisse doucement traîner la mélopée en hébreu et en anglais, la sérénité dans l’âme et le coeur à la paix, en s’accompagnant de la crème des musiciens torontois, parmi lesquels Ernie Tollar, qui souffle délicatement dans le bansuri et les autres instruments à vent, ou Joel Schwartz, qui fait résonner ses climats très atmosphériques aux guitares. Aviva débute souvent par de courts moments a capella et se plonge parfois dans les harmonies vocales avec d’autres. Les percussions entrent très subtilement ou par vagues profondes. C’est d’une beauté très aérée.”
Yves Bernard, Le Devoir

“Aviva is pure, raw emotion who channels spirits from another world.”
Stephan Moccio – Award-winning songwriter, composer, arranger, producer

“As Leonard Cohen said, “we must build a fence around the sacred”.  Aviva Chernick has taken to the task at hand and crafted a musical space in which we can take refuge and reflect on this gift of life we all share…
Ralph Benmergui – Radio Broadcaster and Executive Advisor, Sheridan College, Toronto, Ontario



1. Link to Album stream on SoundCloud

2. Bo’i Kalah mp3     3:08 (right-click on link to download song)
Growing up, we sang a lovely melody to this exquisite poem welcoming Shabbat but a dear friend suggested a new version of this tune was in order. During a trip to Namibia in 2011, this melody came to me. I had no idea that this was to be my new framing for Chaim Nachman Bialik’s poem. This melody now fills our home as we gather on Friday nights around the Shabbat table.

3. Ashrei mp3    3:29 (right-click on link to download song)
In this sacred and spacious melody, Rabbi Shefa Gold has captured the depth of meaning in the concept of “dwelling within.” Only since playing with this melody, have I come to understand this passage, which I chanted my whole life. When we are dwelling deeply within, it is there where we encounter the Divine who was, in fact, there all along.


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6. Aviva & ensemble live in concert
(Please credit this photo:  Photo by Eric Benchimol)


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