La Serena – Fundraising Campaign Launched!

It is with great excitement that I share with you the launch of the fundraising campaign for La Serena. Now we embark upon expanding the community of people who are part of this project. This is my sixth album and the most intimate to date. I have loved these songs, collecting them like gems […]

South Africa here I come

I have never been. Have you? So much to see and hear about and take in. I will be working with the Jewish communities in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town for the Limmud Conference where I will be one of the International Presenters. In between teaching, singing and learning with that community, I’ll be at […]

Spring travels start with Chicago

Getting ready for next week’s travels to Chicago. First stop: filming the video teaching for June’s Prayer Module online with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. Next stop: OROT – Really excited to bring some great music and sing together with the OROT community on Saturday evening (at the Evanston Ecology Center) and an intensive vocal adventure on Sunday […]

Happy New Year 2018

Esta Montaña D’enfrente Music for Warming the Heart We made it! 2018, a new moment, a new breath. Shall we stride in together? Shall we linger a little longer contemplating next steps? Let’s do both, eat it all up, each moment of living, while also learning more about pacing, how to respect the natural flow […]

Soundstreams – Musik Für Das Ende

SOUNDSTREAMS presents the work of legendary Québécois composer Claude Vivier in Musik Für Das Ende. Wild New Music Project ensemble on the floor. Claude Vivier (1948-1983) has become a big part of my life. I am presently diving into the deep end of preparation for our opening October 26th. My first Soundstreams production, first time at Crow’s theatre. This […]

Jewish Women Rock Radio Interview

Conversation about women in music, Revelation and living and working as an artist in Canada. Monday night June 12th 8pm Eastern.

The Jews Who Wrote Christmas – a Globe and Mail recap

Great article by Brad Wheeler at the Globe about this upcoming documentary by the fabulous folks at Riddle Films. Stay tuned for release dates.

The Jews Who Wrote Christmas — an all day film shoot.

A remarkable day on a film set with Justin Gray and the whole gang at Riddle Films playing our unique version of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” Can’t wait to share it with you. For now, here are  couple of shots from our adventure on set.

Aviva Chernick and Joel Schwartz – Arvoles Lloran

A traditional Ladino folk tune
Arranged and played by Aviva Chernick and Joel Schwartz
Filmed by Southern Souls
in Toronto, January 30, 2017.

Trees cry for rain and mountains for air
Like I cry for you my love.

How to know your are not alone? The Spring Report.

Songs for Spring   I want to give you something, some music to warm and brighten up this moment. The above tune was written by my Nona Flory Jagoda. The video was shot on a cold winter’s day with my pal Joel Schwartz, videographer Mitch Filion of Southern Souls in the home of artist Rochelle Rubenstein. I hope you […]


IV aches in my hand. My mom and I wait. My dad is outside reading his book. Vivian (30+years as a nurse) and her younger counterpart whose name escapes me now attend beautifully. We wait. Andrea calls. Friends send texts of love and well wishes. I remove my clothing and dress for the first time […]

Aviva Chernick and Joel Schwartz playing A Ti España

Love and yearning for homeland.
The story of exile embedded in the cells of those who came after, even these 500 years on.

Music by my nona Flory Jagoda and poetry by the late Abraham Capon.

September 2016 News

Shana Tova blessings!

Its here, the New Year with changing light and leaves and honey and apples and, squash soup eaten together around the table.

This music is a gift for you, to accompany you through the last moments of the month of Elul and into the fall and 5777. To dwelling! L’chaim and Shana Tova!

The Present: Preparing for High Holy Days
Looking Forward: More music, meditation, and prayer
Upcoming Dates: San Francisco, Toronto, & the Bahamas
Looking Back: Aviva’s Sabbatical
Saying Goodbye to Jaffa Road

All My Days

A melodic companion for the month of Elul.

Saying Goodbye to Jaffa Road

In 2002, I went for a lunch date that changed my life. Aubrey Glazer told me that Aaron Lightstone and I should meet. We sat down together and little did I know that together we would create a band that would become my musical home for over a decade. We began making music. I had […]

Return, Renew, Repair: Elul Newsletter

Shana Tova and blessings for all that is new again. Click here to view the latest newsletter.  

Esta Montaña – Live from the Small World Music Festival

Esta Montaña.
“I want to discover the secrets of my life. I will use the sea as ink, the sky as paper and the quills off the tress as my pens.”

Filmed at the Small World Music Festival, with Joel Schwartz, as part of Cover Me Global, October 2014.

Front page of the Saturday Arts Section – a homecoming

James Reaney of the London Free Press did a lovely spread on our  homecoming show at the Aeolian Hall. My first big concert hall concert was at this very hall in March, 2006. I returned with Tania Gill on piano and Andrew Downing on bass again just after we released the first album, In the […]

Tehilah 2.0 Celebrating Music and Prayer

This is happening. A few years ago it was an imagining, last year it was a revival and this year…soon to be discovered.

Modah Ani Live at the Ashkenaz Festival

Modah Ani – Grateful Am I.
Full band. Full house. Complete joy.

Live from the 2014 Ashkenaz Festival, Harboufront Centre Theatre, Toronto, Canada.

Adon Olam

Finding a gem within a gem. Rehearsing with Joel for this favourite traditional Yemenite melody, we uncovered a treasure of a new song waiting to be played. Listen for it at the end. This is the first time this rendition and new melody are being heard. Filmed at the Small World Music Centre, October 2014.

Small World collaboration already begun

This is happening now, Small World music festival. In the 10 days of returning, I am also preparing with these fabulous people; Drew Gonsalves, Donne Roberts and Lisa Patterson to collaborate and share music for the closing night of the festival. Finally chosen my Canadian classic as it occurred to me that my favourite 80 […]

Chadesh Yameinu (Turn Your Face to the Sun)

Live at Harbourfront Centre Theatre as part of the Ashkenaz Festival, August 2014, Toronto, Canada.

Modah Ani trio video

This video was posted as a teaser days before the Ashkenaz festival in August. It was at that concert that we unveiled the new tune played in its sunny fullness by all seven of us. The trio video was shot by Joel Schwartz’s iPhone in his living room.   It is Nabil Amarshi on Bass, […]