The bow shot

August 30th at Harbourfront Centre Theatre, one of the first marquee shows of this 2014 Ashkenaz Festival. Full house, with a warm and energetic standing ovation.

New group photos

Photo credit by the fabulous Eric Benchimol found at We had a whole plan for the outside shoot, across from Joel’s place and down the street. We had the requisite number of Indy band fences scoped out. Then, it rained. Inside we went. Luckily, Eric’s place had a couch that matched with us so we […]

Halleluyah live


My favourite psalm…..150.
Reminds me of deep gratitude, like I felt the day we played this tune in West Bloomfield.

Sun streaming in the windows, audience singing along, music feeling so fine.


Live at Temple Israel, West Bloomfield, Michigan. April 6th, 2014

Chadesh Yameinu live

Chadesh Yameinu K’kedem (Turn Your Face to the Sun)
Fitting for this particular springtime.

Temple Israel, West Bloomfield, Michigan. April 6th, 2014

Halleluyah – Aviva and Joel at Gospel Sunday

Joy is ringing out here as Joel Schwartz and I play our last tune for a glorious Gospel Sunday, hosted by Ken Whiteley.

Tehilah – The first symposium video launches

Monday morning January 13th.

ME to Carlos: I had this wonderful dream. I was there. You were there. My mom and dad were there and there were about 100 other bright faces there to partake. People were deeply engaged with each other in conversations about prayer. Prayer leaders shared their own musical compositions and there was lots of singing.

Hallelujah – Live in the Backyard

Hallelujah. This is my favourite psalm, the final one, #150. Sing gratitude to the Divine here, there, in the backyard, with Carlos and Joel, with guitar, with a chorus of cicadas on the last hot day of September.

Mundial Montreal — an amazing musical adventure

A perfect way to spend the middle of November is in Montreal, a city which always seems to be thriving with arts and culture, food, fashion and all yummy things. The few days I spent at the Mundial Montreal conference were no different. Gathered were some of the best Canadian World Music projects on the go […]

Radio Interview on Ralph Benmergui’s New Sabbath Project

Earlier this year I was invited by Ralph Benmergui to do an interview on his New Sabbath Project show on CIUT Radio.  He invited me to come and speak about my new devotional music project at the time called The Prayer Project and now called AVIVA. We spoke about growing up in the synagogue, with family […]


It is indeed as magnificent as everybody said it would be. I just returned from a week in Brazil where I was playing with Jaffa Road at Kleztival in São Paulo. Great music, delicious food, warm and welcoming folk. We even played to a lovely crowd in the subway station. Thank you to Nicole and […]

CFMA Nomination for World Solo Artist of the Year

Shouts of joy!!! My newest project AVIVA and the album I put out last December (with an amazing team of people), just received a Canadian Folk Music Award Nomination. Woohoooo!!! AND, in the same category is the lovely and super talented Lenka Lichtenberg, among other great musicians. Jaffa Road is also nominated in the group category […]

Junos follow up and a new Ladino page launches

It was a truly wonderful weekend in Regina. It was exciting and lavish and we were thrilled to be there amongst so many amazing musicians. Humbling and bolstering all at the same time.  Here I am well guarded as I enter into the first night’s cocktails. Dapper! I also had the opportunity for this quick […]

Junos, Apprenticeship, SING! Festival and Ladino and Teaching pages on the way

A really exciting time!!! Some news. Preparing outfits and fussy stuff for the trip to Regina tomorrow with Carlos and some of the Jaffa Road gang in order to attend the JUNOS. Pictures and highlights to follow. I got word from the incomparable Jon Lohman that I was accepted into the Virginia FolkLife Apprenticeship program. […]

CD release concerts are a huge success.

Here we are bowing at the very end of the whole shebang. Thank you so much to all who came and shared in the celebrations. The whole album of pictures to follow. Happy Holidays and blessings for a great New Year. Aviva

Co-producing with Chris

I am not the first and I am sure not the last happy musician who has had the pleasure of working on an album alongside Chris Gartner.  In this case, hours and hours of patient editing and mixing, choosing, mining, listening and shaping. My top choice producer!  A treat also to have his beautiful bass […]

The Singers are coming!!

Long time and new time singing partners: Maryem Tollar, Sundar Viswanathan, Dave Wall and Daniela Gesundheit. (Missing a picture of the lovely Rosemary Phelan) They sound incredible – each one, harmonies, solos, unique voices all. Wait till you hear them!

The matches have been made: SEVEN SPONSORS for SEVEN SONGS.

Thank you! Thank you!!!!! Several very generous souls have stepped forward to cheer on this project while dedicating a song to a loved one. It would be appropriate in this case to yell from the rooftops………YOU ROCK SONG SPONSORS!!!!!! It doesn’t happen without you and your support from the beginning has buoyed me so much. […]

All together now! The chorus lays it down.

Here they are….the first round of glorious vocal contributions on this album from a joyful, late night, much laughter chorus –  Annie Matan Gilbert, Mark Weinstock, Miriam Margles and Rosemary Phelan (obscured by the mic stand) Rude stand! Great to have Rosemary guesting on Boi Kalah and to get to be hanging in her beautiful […]


This is Josh Engel. He is a very sweet soul with a wonderful smile and awesome guitar chops. (also mandolin). Here, he is playing around with parts for L’cha Dodi and Chadesh Yameinu, leaving both tunes with fine steel string sounds.  Josh’s parts have become major treats in both of those tunes. It also appears […]

Joel and Aaron bring on guitar and oud

Here are some shots from workshopping with Joel and Aaron in the spring and the recordings that followed. The workshop revealed ‘Spanish’, a whole new intro to L’chu N’ran’na that Joel created on resonator guitar and ‘Romantic’ a sweet, sweet, lover’s line that Aaron came up with for the outro of Eli. Luscious textures of […]


Naghmeh’s masterful percussion playing is like a complete weather system – storm, rain, sunshower.  She seems to have more hands and fingers than a regular human. On Hashkiveinu, while she played her part for the Shalom blowout, I forgot where I was, got up and started dancing around. Hello!!! We are recording here!!! But, who […]

Recording with Rakesh – Night #2

Two more tunes later day with Rakesh, Jason and Aviva in the new Crystal Clear Sound Studios.  A little more singing in the laundry room. Laying down L’cha Dodi and Chadesh Yameinu/Turn Your Face to the Sun. The moving tempo question strikes again. Tabla, darbuka, frame drum, bell, cymbal-all members of this evening’s percussion family […]

Rockin’ Rakesh

Now we’re cooking.  Rakesh laid his super grooves down on the guide tracks today and all of a sudden everything started to simmer, sway, and rock. Such a great touch, on Udu and Tabla and all of the many auxiliary percussion(toys) he brought along. It really is like watching him play in a sandbox. What […]

First days in the Studio

Day 1, 2, 3 and 4. Jason and Aviva lay down guide tracks for 9 tunes. Figuring out the tempos for these tunes has definitely been the challenge so far. How to make a live feel when not recording live? So many cool ways to do it and just the practice of choosing and trusting that it […]