Rockin’ Rakesh

Now we’re cooking.  Rakesh laid his super grooves down on the guide tracks today and all of a sudden everything started to simmer, sway, and rock. Such a great touch, on Udu and Tabla and all of the many auxiliary percussion(toys) he brought along. It really is like watching him play in a sandbox. What a fun time. We began with Hashiveinu(inspired by Carlebach). It is the only piece on the album with piano. Piano and udu – does it get any better?

Slow going with L’chu N’ran’na as we still sort through the feel of a shifting tempo, but it is coming along for sure.

Tomorrow night we go at it again. Wishing we could video all the moving and also crazy moments and share them.  One of the belly laughs involved me singing guide vocals in the laundry room. Something fun and funny about ‘singing to the divine’ with one’s head inside the drier.



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