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Modah Ani Live at the Ashkenaz Festival

Modah Ani – Grateful Am I.
Full band. Full house. Complete joy.

Live from the 2014 Ashkenaz Festival, Harboufront Centre Theatre, Toronto, Canada.

Bo’i Kalah – Aviva and Joel at Gospel Sunday

Joel and I offer up our first tune for Gospel Sunday, hosted by Ken Whiteley.

Eili – Aviva and Joel at Gospel Sunday

Halfway through our first Gospel Sunday adventure.

Tehilah – The first symposium video launches

Monday morning January 13th.

ME to Carlos: I had this wonderful dream. I was there. You were there. My mom and dad were there and there were about 100 other bright faces there to partake. People were deeply engaged with each other in conversations about prayer. Prayer leaders shared their own musical compositions and there was lots of singing.

Radio Interview on Ralph Benmergui’s New Sabbath Project

Earlier this year I was invited by Ralph Benmergui to do an interview on his New Sabbath Project¬†show on CIUT Radio.¬† He invited me to come and speak about my new devotional music project at the time called The Prayer Project and now called AVIVA. We spoke about growing up in the synagogue, with family […]