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Aviva Chernick and Joel Schwartz – Arvoles Lloran

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A traditional Ladino folk tune
Arranged and played by Aviva Chernick and Joel Schwartz
Filmed by Southern Souls
in Toronto, January 30, 2017.

Trees cry for rain and mountains for air
Like I cry for you my love.

Aviva Chernick and Joel Schwartz playing A Ti España

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Love and yearning for homeland.
The story of exile embedded in the cells of those who came after, even these 500 years on.

Music by my nona Flory Jagoda and poetry by the late Abraham Capon.

Esta Montaña – Live from the Small World Music Festival

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Esta Montaña.
“I want to discover the secrets of my life. I will use the sea as ink, the sky as paper and the quills off the tress as my pens.”

Filmed at the Small World Music Festival, with Joel Schwartz, as part of Cover Me Global, October 2014.