Tehilah – The first symposium video launches

Monday morning January 13th.

ME to Carlos: I had this wonderful dream. I was there. You were there. My mom and dad were there and there were about 100 other bright faces there to partake. People were deeply engaged with each other in conversations about prayer. Prayer leaders shared their own musical compositions and there was lots of singing. Next door, Miriam was teaching about falling and being lifted up. People rested their arms on each other and leaned into each other exchanging weight. It was like the Contact Improv Jam – Prayer Edition. In another room, Annie was leading Gospel sounds and people were engrossed in writing their own prayers. In the end, we were all praying together, so many voices, many harmonies. And then, we sang my new Halleluyah and I thought I might actually explode from the joy of it all.

Thanks to Carlos and Aaron for filming and to Carlos for his incredible attention to detail in editing.
More videos to come and a date scheduled for TEHILAH 2015.

Filmed by Carlos Gouveia and Aaron Rotenberg. Edited by Carlos Gouveia.

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