South Africa here I come

I have never been. Have you? So much to see and hear about and take in. I will be working with the Jewish communities in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town for the Limmud Conference where I will be one of the International Presenters. In between teaching, singing and learning with that community, I’ll be at […]

All My Days

A melodic companion for the month of Elul.


March 1, 2016: I am honoured to be a guest artist at the Jewish and Muslim women’s study group where we are gathering for an eight-week course entitled Milk, Blood and Tears. My session is tears. After the group has studied some texts from both Torah and Koran and had discussion I am invited to […]

Junos follow up and a new Ladino page launches

It was a truly wonderful weekend in Regina. It was exciting and lavish and we were thrilled to be there amongst so many amazing musicians. Humbling and bolstering all at the same time.  Here I am well guarded as I enter into the first night’s cocktails. Dapper! I also had the opportunity for this quick […]