Adon Olam

Finding a gem within a gem. Rehearsing with Joel for this favourite traditional Yemenite melody, we uncovered a treasure of a new song waiting to be played. Listen for it at the end. This is the first time this rendition and new melody are being heard. Filmed at the Small World Music Centre, October 2014.

Modah Ani trio video

This video was posted as a teaser days before the Ashkenaz festival in August. It was at that concert that we unveiled the new tune played in its sunny fullness by all seven of us. The trio video was shot by Joel Schwartz’s iPhone in his living room.   It is Nabil Amarshi on Bass, […]

Halleluyah live


My favourite psalm…..150.
Reminds me of deep gratitude, like I felt the day we played this tune in West Bloomfield.

Sun streaming in the windows, audience singing along, music feeling so fine.


Live at Temple Israel, West Bloomfield, Michigan. April 6th, 2014

Tehilah – The first symposium video launches

Monday morning January 13th.

ME to Carlos: I had this wonderful dream. I was there. You were there. My mom and dad were there and there were about 100 other bright faces there to partake. People were deeply engaged with each other in conversations about prayer. Prayer leaders shared their own musical compositions and there was lots of singing.